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QED Limited is an Alderney registered company # 1381.

Legal Disclaimer

QED accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regards to the material on this website.

It is QED’s intention to keep information on this site timely and accurate. As such, QED will try correct errors brought to its attention. However, this material is information of a general nature which is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any individual or entity. It is not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate, or up to date, and does not constitute legal advice. 


Reproduction is authorised provided the source is acknowledged, except where otherwise stated. Where prior permission must be obtained, textual and multimedia information will clearly indicate any restrictions on use.

Records Retention/Destruction Policy

QED retains all client submissions for a period of time in-house according to its Data Retention/Destruction Policy. Any information not listed in the Records Retention Schedule will be kept for seven (7) years from the date it was created, unless any one or more of them should be retained for legal or archival purposes. Where material is related to a case that is subject to judicial procedure, the material will be kept for seven years from the date the judicial procedure comes to an end. Where records are kept permanently, duplicated records of any kind will be destroyed, keeping only originals. Any such information that is printed to paper is cross-shredded before being disposed.

  • Emails and documents with transitory information value will be deleted as soon as no longer needed for reference, but no later than thirty (30) days after date sent or received.

  • One (1) year: General enquiries and correspondence.

  • Seven (7) years: Project file documentation, client submissions, and financial records

  • Permanently: Office copies of reports


QED operates a ninety 6-monthly Records Destruction Review Policy to ensure the timely destruction of records as set out above.