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Authorship Analysis 

  • Authorship Comparison - narrowing the field of potential authors by comparing the linguistic styles of anonymous or disputed documents with samples from known individuals. 

  • Authorship Attribution - identifying or eliminating a single known individual as being a potential author of anonymous or disputed documents on the basis of their linguistic style.

  • Authorship Profiling- making inferences about an author's age, gender, social and linguistic background based on the language used in  documents. This analysis is suitable for guiding the direction of an investigation and may not be used as evidence in a court of law.

Deception Analysis

  • Identifying Faked Mode of Production - determining whether the language contained in a document is consisten with the context in which the document is said to have been produced, This analysis may be used in conjunction with Authorship Analysis to identify falsified emails, letters, and other documents whose production is disputed.  

  • Deceptive Linguistic Strategies - analysing a document for evidence of the presence of linguistic strategies commonly associated with lying. This analysis can only be applied to oral-type narratives such as found in written witness statement.

Expert Reports

QED Limited also assists our clients with the production of reports for investigations and  of Expert Reports for counsel for litigation purposes.

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