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About me

I am consultant forensic linguist and Director of QEDforensics (QED Limited).

I hold a PhD in Forensic Linguistics from Aston University (UK), and I am a Visiting Research Fellow with the Aston Institute for Forensic Linguistics.

I am President of the International Association for Forensic and Legal Linguistics (IAFLL),  a member of the Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics (GSFL), and a certified fraud examiner with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

I also hold a Cardiff Univeristy Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate (CUBS).

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Education,  Affiliations & Teaching


Visiting Research Fellow - AIFL

Centre for Forensic Text Analysis, Aston Institute for Forensic Linguistics, Birmingham, UK.

2017 - 2021

Universität zu Köln, Germany

Co-course director - Short Course in Forensic Linguistics


University of Santo Tomas, Philippines

Co-course director - International Summer School n Forensic Linguistic Analysis


PhD Forensic Linguistics

Centre for Forensic Linguistics, Aston University, Birmingham, UK.

Selected Papers & Presentation

  • Addressee or Referee? Language and setting the scene for manipulation and persuasion. Influence, Manipulation & Seduction: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Persuasive Language, University of Basel, Switzerland (Nov. 2020).

  • Is Deception a (Forensic) Linguistic Problem? Updates in deception analysis. Plenary speaker at Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics 2019 Roundtable in Forensic Linguistics, University of Graz, Austria (Sept. 2019).

  • To whom this may concern: audience profiling in forensic (con)texts. 14th IAFL Biennial Conference, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia (July 2019).

  • Linguistically Profiling the Trump Russian Dossier. Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics 2017 Roundtable in Forensic Linguistics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Sept. 2017).

  • Arriving at the Lie: is deception detection a linguistics problem?  Plenary speaker at IAFL 2nd Asian Regional Conference, Manila, Philippines (July 2016)

  • The Lying Dance: the flexible truth of deception cues. Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics 2015 Roundtable in Forensic Linguistics, Mainz, Germany (Sept. 2015)

  • Cues and the Company They Keep: deception in written witness statements. IAFL 12th Biennial Conference in Forensic Linguistics, Guangzhou, China (July 2015)

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